Transforming Your Love Life 
The Next 90 Days

Transforming Our Relationship w/ Love! 

What You Will Receive:

  • 20 Practical Steps to Transforming Your Love Life
  • The Right Way for a Woman to Find the Right Mate.
  • Weekly Love Note Moments Posted in Group for Interactive Discussions.
  • 3- Facebook Live After Dark
  • Downloadable Exercises and Templates to Help You Get the Love You Want.
  • Sisterhood Connections for Support.
  • Learn How to Use the Heart Talk Stick Tool for Creating Engaging Communication in Your Relationship.
  • Walk Through Some Healing Modalities to Help You Breakthrough Your Invisible and Unconscious Barriers to Love.
  • Learn How to Truly Open Your Heart.
  • Attend a Special Zoom w/ All Male Panel to Answer Your Questions. 
  • Free Copy of Revival of a Love Story E-Book by Angela Carr Patterson
 Zoom & Facebook After Dark Topics:
  • How to know if you are giving too much.
  • What makes a man run from a relationship.
  • What makes a man want to commit to a relationship.
  • Identify the unconscious energy are you giving off in your relationship that could be creating problems. . 
  • and so much more! 


This Program for You If You are Saying Some of These Things to Yourself...

I want to learn how to talk about what's bothering me, instead of holding it in.
I want to find that part of myself that I lost when I got my divorce and learn how to attract and keep a loving partner into my life.
 I want to learn how to ask my mate for what I need. 
I hold in my feelings pretending I'm not hurt when I really am. 
I am tired of constantly sacrificing myself for the good of the relationship. (kids included)
I've given up and believe that I just am meant to be alone in the world. 
I don't always feel loved for who I am.
I keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners.
My marriage or relationship has lost its passion and I am not happy.
My mate and I don't communicate that often. It feels like I am living with a room mate or stranger. I am lonely.